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Your Move was formed by bassist John Nicholson and vocalist David Wilson in the year 2000 after a long musical relationship that began at Berklee College of Music a decade and a half earlier. Both musicians shared a love for 1970's-era progressive rock and a desire to perform that music with a level of precision and faithfulness that no one had previously attempted.

The pair recruited others in their quest and over time the band membership evolved leading to the present day line-up. Guitarist Ray Lambert joined the band in 2002, replacing original guitarist Michael Thomas. Keyboardist Dave Lieb became a member in 2006, replacing original keyboardist Rich Casey. Drummer Tim Flynn joined in 2021, replacing Steve Percoco (2010-2012) and original drummer Darrel 'Max' Maxfield.

Over the course of its first decade, Your Move honed its craft to perfection and entertained many appreciative audiences with performances of progressive rock classics by artists including: Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Rush, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, The Beatles and Kansas. This progression culminated with an audacious 2008 performance of the classic album from Yes, Close To The Edge, in its entirety.

Athough the band successfully achieved the goals they had originally set for themselves, the demand for a 'pure prog' band amongst New England clubs and venues proved to be a disappointment. In an effort to appeal to a wider audience and increase their performance opportunities, in 2010 the band decided to broaden their repertoire.

As with many music fans of their generation, the members of Your Move cut their musical teeth in the 1970's listening to what was known as AOR radio. Many of the progressive rock artists that the band admired made their fortunes on the shoulders of AOR rock radio. In addition to these artists, there were many other rock and so-called art-rock artists on the same airwaves. Although the members of Your Move loved the 'prog' artists most, they were also huge fans of these other artists as well. The band decided that introducing some of this additional music into their performances would not only be enjoyable but would also help broaden the band's appeal to those beyond the community of dedicated 'prog' fans.

This change saw some of the the band's more obscure 'prog' selections placed into retirement while music from numerous additional artists were introduced. Some of the new artists were: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Styx, The Who, Elton John, Queen, Steely Dan and others. Additionally, the band continued to perform selections from the acts in their original repertoire, including: Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Genesis and Peter Gabriel.

The band spent the first half of 2010 learning the new repertoire as well as breaking-in new drummer Steve Percoco and resumed performing in the late Summer of 2010.

The new format was successful and the band continued for two years. But then, at the end of 2012, life got in the way and the members decided to call it quits for a while. At first the pause was expected to be short but, after a while, it began to appear as though it would be permanent.

Then, in the midst of the awful pandemic year, 2020, the band members reconnected and began talks to put the band back together. The band's first rehearsal in nine years took place in September, 2020 and scheduled their first gig in 10 years!

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