02.16.2008 — Live @ The YMCA Theater, Cambridge, MA
Close To The Edge: The complete performance
Siberian Khatru (11.31 MB)
And You And I (13.36 MB)
Close To The Edge (20.82 MB)
Note: These tracks contain Your Move's complete performance of Close To The Edge. Although there are some issues with the recording quality, and the playing has a few minor glitches, this represents the only time CTTE was ever performed in its entirety by Your Move. We present it here, warts and all, for posterity. These tracks are intended to be listened to in the order presented — the same order they were performed in — and have been edited as such. Yes fans may notice that this order does not match the original record. This order was chosen because the band felt that it maximized their dramatic effect in the live setting. Apparently Yes thought similarly because they used the same order when they performed the full record in the 1970's.
More tracks from the same show
Yours Is No Disgrace (2.23 MB)
Starship Trooper (1.7 MB)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (sample 1) (3.22 MB)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (sample 2) (1.06 MB)
The Trees (1.9 MB)
Southside of The Sky (2.06 MB)

04.22.2006 — Live @ Woodville Rod & Gun Club, Hopkinton, MA
Firth of Fifth (intro section) (2.26 MB)
Firth of Fifth (solo section) (2.11 MB)

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