Your Move is an outstanding addition to your portfolio of performing acts. Formerly working as New England’s Premiere Progressive Rock Tribute band, Your Move now brings the great hard rock sounds of the ‘70s to your audiences in the form of deep album cuts from the era when AOR ruled the FM airwaves.

Consisting of five outstanding musicians (including several Berklee grads), Your Move performs choice tunes from the catalogs of Led Zeppelin, Yes, Rush, Deep Purple, The Who, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Styx, Kansas and more, with a dynamic and exciting stage presence. Your Move prides itself in reproducing these classic songs with a faithfulness that rivals the originals.

Ask anyone who has seen their past performances at the Cambridge YMCA Theater, Uncle Eddie's, The Lowell Brewery, Club Good Times, The Skybar and many other venues and you will get an enthusiastic response that usually starts with the phrase… “Oh my God, you won’t believe what they played…”

Small or large clubs, bring Your Move to your venue and prepare for an unrivaled musical experience!

Information about the band

Uncle Eddie's, Oct 2, 2010

Hello Guys! Last night I had pleasure of witnessing your show. Great show. You guys are genuine. I stopped in to find my friend from another place and I heard the music and just stopped. I couldn't leave. Thank you for working so hard to be so damned entertaining.

— Steve Cogliano SGT US Army

Cambridge YMCA Theater, Feb 16, 2007

From what I could tell you sucked! That is you sucked all the distractions out of the theater and had everyone focused on you. This was a real treat to hear a Yes album from start to finish. Then to perform it in front of people who know the songs note for note was very bold, yet it went almost letter perfect. Hey I've heard Yes mess up some of those songs that you nailed!

Other than tons of equipment and a large arena this was as good as some Yes shows I've seen and better than a couple.

So when's the next show?

— Harry Sargent

The Playloft at The Lowell Brewery Exchange, Sep 15, 2006


I just wanted to let you know that you guys were excellent Friday night.

I was mighty impressed. My buddy Mitch was digging it too. We have to give you guys some props for having the [bleeps] to cover some difficult stuff and pulling it off well!

— Sean Blair