2021.06.16 — And it begins....

We are excited to announce our first gig in 10 years!

On 8/13 Your Move will be performing at The Burren in Somerville, as part of The Burren Backroom series. It will be a two-hour set, starting at 7PM. Advance tickets are available. Please see our Gigs page for the details.

We expect this to be only the first of many shows. Please watch this website (or our FB) for announcements!

2021.05.15 — Yes, we have drums!

Your Move is pleased to welcome our new drummer, Tim Flynn! Tim is a veteran of the local music scene and brings high-energy and a sharp sense of timing to the band. Please see our About page for more info about Tim.

We are now focused on building-out the repertoire and booking gigs. With the COVID restrictions lifted in Massachusetts we are excited to see you all out in the world soon!

2020.10.08 — Got Drums?

Your Move is looking for a new drummer! If you think you're up to the task give us a shout!

2020.09.23 — It's Alive! It's ALIVE!

On this day in music history, Your Move played it's first rehearsal in ~8 years! That's right, we're baaaaaack!! :)

We did say it would be a short hiatus.... ;)

Given how much of a shit year 2020 has been, we thought it was time to cheer it up a bit (or at least ourselves).

Original members Dave Wilson, John Nicholson, Dave Lieb, and Ray Lambert are all back and a search for a new drummer is currently underway.

We hope to see you all soon!!!

Older News...
2012.01.01 — Temporary hiatus

Your Move will be taking a temporary hiatus at the start of the year to sort out some organizational issues. We hope to return later in the year with more gigs. Thanks for your support!

2010.10.26 — Ray is 'hip' again

Just a brief note to announce that Ray's hip surgery went off without a hitch and his recovery is well underway. Ray will be wacking that wah-wah again very soon...

2010.10.03 — A short break

After the sucessful unveiling of their new repertoire at Uncle Eddie's on October 2, Your Move will be taking a short break while guitarist Ray Lambert undergoes surgery to correct a badly arthritic hip. Ray's recovery will lead into the holidays and the band will be back with more gigs in 2011. Several shows are already booked and more will follow soon. Watch the Gigs page for details.

2010.06.05 — A Change of Seasons... err... Direction

For ten years or so Your Move has been entertaining appreciative audiences with faithful performances of such progressive rock classics as Yes' Close To The Edge and Genesis' Watcher Of The Skies. In an effort to appeal to a wider audience, the band has decided to broaden their repertoire. Although some of the band's lesser-known 'prog' material will be retired, the new selections will not be far afield from the interests of the band's veteran fans and will also appeal to new fans.

The band's new focus will be on 1970's-era rock and the so-called AOR radio format. Like the band members, many 'prog' fans cut their musical teeth in this era and many still lament the loss of the format. Listeners in this era enjoyed DJ's who had broad license to explore the era's music from an artistic perspective and who were not afraid to play deep album tracks. In the era that followed, big business invaded and programming was turned over to so-called program directors who were essentially glorified bean counters looking only at the bottom line numbers and not caring a whit about what was good in an artistic sense. As a result, many music fans now decry the current state of radio and that which passes for music on today's airwaves.

The 'prog' rock that the members of Your Move are so passionate about also largely originates from this era, resulting in a significant amount of overlap between the band's old focus and the new direction. Veteran fans will be happy to know that a large portion of the old repertoire is still viable under the new format and will still be performed by the band.

As for the new selections, the band always has, and always will, maintain a focus on quality: only the very best and most-loved songs will be chosen. Additionally, the choices will be skewed towards the more 'rewarding' from a musical and performance perspective and thus are likely to appeal to the veteran fans in addition to the many new fans that the band hopes to attract.

The band plans to steer clear of the typical classic rock selections that are often heard in bars (from bands such as The Stones and The Eagles) and instead focus on the less commercial and often harder-edged rock acts as well as some of the art rock acts of the period. Some of these include: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Styx, The Who, Elton John, Queen, Steely Dan, , and others. Additionally, the band will continue to perform selections from the acts in their existing repertoire, including: Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Genesis and Peter Gabriel.

This new format will expand the band's appeal to include a broader fan base and, accordingly, a wider selection of performance venues. Veteran and new fans alike are expected to enjoy more opportunities to see the band perform.

The new repertoire will be premiered on October 2, 2010, at Uncle Eddie's Oceanside Tavern in Salisbury Beach. The band is also aggressively working on additional dates. Details of all shows can be found on the Gigs page. Additionally, fans may request to receive announcements via email.

2010.06.05 — A big welcome to our new drummer: Steve Percoco

Please join us in welcoming our new drummer, Steve Percoco. Steve joined the band early in 2010 and we've been working hard ever since to prepare for new shows, including the addition of many new tunes to our repertoire. Steve is a very accomplished drummer who has performed with many area bands over the years. He also runs his own drum instruction studio. Please see our About page for more info about Steve.


Happy Halloween! We had a great time with our pre-Halloween show on Friday night. The enthusiastic crowd enjoyed another great set from New England Guitar Circle and we had the pleasure of unveiling a few new tunes, including King Crimson's Three of a Perfect Pair. We have both audio and video from the show and we hope to post some new samples in the near future (watch our Audio and Video pages).

Friday's show appears to be our last show for 2009. We hope to start announcing 2010 shows in the coming weeks. Watch this space for details. You can also receive gig announcements in your email: just send us a message and we'll hook you up!

Happy holidays to all and we hope to see you early next year!


Thanks to all who came up to Uncle Eddie's Oceanside Tavern on Friday. Your Move played 4 full sets to a very appreciative audience. Uncle Eddie enjoyed the show himself and hopes to bring the band back in the Spring or Summer and we're very much looking forward to playing at the beach again in warm weather! Look for some audio from the show to be posted soon on our Audio page!

If you missed the show you'll have at least one more chance to catch the band in 2009... next Friday (October 30) at the Cambridge YMCA Theater with special guests New England Guitar Circle. This will be a special pre-Halloween show. Costumes are encouraged and all ages are welcome! Tickets are available in advance via Paypal (see our Gigs page) or at the door.